Yesterday, a doctor friend of mine told me that in the hospital where she works they were called together on Saturday for an emergency meeting, where they informed the doctors that from now on, they had to sharpen their senses and use their hands and eyes to diagnose. “We do not have the material means to be sending out for all these tests and analyses right and left, as we have been doing up to now.”

This would be fine, if during the last, say, forty-odd years, we had trained our doctors in this very ancient and current practice, which, without explaining why, we rejected. Currently, the doctors on my planet barely look at you nor do they spend a lot of the time on the consultation, as the questionnaires and forms they have to fill our are so endless, that if they aspired to touch you, it’s already too much.

Of course it is right that doctors are trained that through touching they might discover some anomalies, along with looking at the color of the nails, tongue, eyes, etc. This practice has almost disappeared, partly because of the great pressure from all the cases each doctor must consult with, due to the absence of those who are on medical missions abroad, while those who have stayed on land must replace them.

Now the responsibility of health personnel, and propensity for mistakes, increases in exact proportion to the helplessness of the patient, who again becomes a sort of guinea pig.