When political, economic and social systems stop generating new ideas, it causes stagnation and, trying to survive, they grab onto obsolete formulas, and those who defend them are also obsolete, resulting in dejá vu. This currently happens on my planet. If we call on all our patience and read the daily newspaper Granma, which every day appears more and more like a showcase for ancient history, we find far-fetched writings and articles from twenty, thirty, forty and even fifty years ago, which apply verbatim, to the periods and commas, to today’s situation.

The same thing happens with certain personages pulled out of the realms of memory, and newly installed in important positions, more for their unconditional support than for their demonstrated capacities. The sad thing abotu this revolving-door is that before, when they were young, they didn’t solve the problems, what makes them think that with the passage of time they’re going to be able to solve them now?