Once again, as my ear is stuck to the short wave radio, I am horrified upon hearing that, on my planet, there are over 70 million tons of foods that are decomposing in different containers belonging to government entities.

How is it possible that Mr. President of that country (you all know which one) is going after the owners of the Polar company, which as far as I know is the main provider of foods in Venezuela and the second most powerful and competent industry in the country, while not being informed of what was occurring at the same time in his own backyard.  Besides, according to the media, the employees of that long-established company are defending it to the end, for they benefit from innumerable labor and social advantages for being workers from that huge industrial complex.

People, please show some sense, for we are already smelling some of the stench in Miraflores, possibly becoming, as this post’s title reads, the last stink.

Translated by Raul G.