The other day a very serious and respectable person, whose name I will omit to keep him out of danger, came to visit us and told us that he had casually just witnessed something very unusual. He was near the docks and realized that an anomalous situation was occurring. Many uniformed youths from the Young Workers Troops were concentrated all around the area. Upon investigating among the other curious people who were present, they told him that the habitual stevedores of the docks had refused to carry a ship with rice which my government intended to use to pay a debt. Ironically, right now that product is facing a shortage in my planet. Upon these workers refusing, they then brought the young men of the YWT to carry the ship.

Another chatter circulating throughout the streets, which can also be referred to as a scandal, are the results of the mathematics tests for admission into superior education. They only approved a few fortunate ones whose parents could afford paying specialized professors, or those who are exceptionally intelligent. Some say the tests were far too difficult while others, the majority, argued that the kids are not sufficiently prepared due to the lack of competent professors.  There are also those who think that this is all a way of limiting the access to university careers.  What is certain is that the dissatisfaction continues to grow, whether it be due to the rising price of rice, detergent, toilet paper, an increase in crime, or even because of math exams.

Well, my friend, when someone talks to you about a crisis suggest to them that before cutting their veins they should first pass by my planet.

Translated by Raul G.