Half a century ago Nuevo Vedado was a calm neighborhood, inhabited mainly by artists, professionals, and other workers who made up the middle class.  It contained gates and high fences and beautiful gardens thrived throughout.  As time passed, they decided to proletariatize it, with the construction of high buildings and microbrigades, which were to house administrative functionaries, with the purpose of trying to change its social composition.  Things then started to get complicated.  The old neighbors, as well as many of the new ones, saw that it was necessary to gate themselves in, in search of protection before the impunity of the new criminals.

Today, the situation is much more complex: assaults, robberies, physical aggression, and serious crimes make up the new local scene, although none of these cases are shown through the media, perhaps due to limited space since they insist that they must report all the other crimes that happen throughout the rest of the world, especially if it has to do with those Northern neighbors of ours.  We have to be very well informed about them.

Friends, neighbors, family members, and even I, have suffered from such abuses.  Perhaps this can be attributed to the passive attitude of the members of public order (police), who are far too occupied with political issues, paying very little attention to any of these insignificances. The worst part of this is that in most cases these crimes have been committed by adolescents, barely 15 or 16 years of age.

My neighbor downstairs told me the other day:  “This has really became a Wild West, to survive you have to be the first one who draws the pistol.”

Translated by Raul G.