It’s true that all the recent world and national events are worthy of tears.  But it’s not any less certain that one should not just remain lamenting or crying forever.  So every once in a while one must free their tensions and laugh a little, even if deep down inside the cause of such smiles is just another form of tragedy.

Yesterday, while I was over at a friends’ house, I couldn’t help but laugh.  They told me, amongst shock and discontent, that our neighbor just became a Haitian citizen because she had worked on her ancestors’ papers.

A man who often passes by the neighborhood to work also told me that in Bahia Honda, Pinar del Rio, nearly all the descendants of former African slaves (one must remember that the zone was a sugar cane area) had become citizens of their former countries of origin.  In reality, I could not escape my surprise.  Although I perfectly understand this, countless years had already passed.  I joked around with my friends and told them that in this planet everyone wanted to leave, even if it meant going to Burundi. They would do whatever it took to get out of here.

Seriously, I think it is sad that citizens of a country reach the point that they no longer have any projects left except abandoning the land in which they were born.  However, and despite everything, there are plenty of us who wish to remain in the theater until the movie is over, even if the movie is a flat out flop.

Translated by Raul G.