I met Silvio many, many years ago. I admired his music and his lyrics.  I sympathized with him after seeing the unjust manner in which the authorities of my country treated him.  For that, I joined him in solidarity.

But many, many years have passed and the poet became political.  However, to my judgment, he inclined himself towards the position which was the most comfortable.  He was willing to leave behind his years of protest, and he did.  After all, what was he going to protest against now?

Today I saw his ambiguous declarations on TV.  They reminded me of some of the lyrics of his songs.  He too calls the 5 spies “heroes” and says that a ten year sentence is far too long.

What is ironic, though, is that in his own country, just for thinking differently and expressing it publicly, some of his fellow countrymen are serving sentences of up to 28 years.

One should consider songs things of the moment, and even though such things occur, songs remain so they could be remembered, he said.  What a shame that our troubadour has never come up with a song that honors the victims of the 13th of March Tugboat Crisis, especially since he is so lavish in dedicating songs.

He also demanded respect for the treatment of Hispanics in the United States.  I totally agree with him, though he forgot to demand the same respect for the Easterners of our planet who come to the capital also in search of work.

People, even though our neighbor to the North has so many flaws, apparently Silvio still enjoys singing in Carnegie Hall, shopping in Miami, and vacationing in Las Vegas.

I wish success for you and for any Cuban who triumphs, wherever it is they are.

Translated by Raul G.