I have often commented about those who seem to have no sense of being rooted to anything nor any respect for anything and who use their energies to convert the city to a dunghill.  However, to my delight (and to that of many who think like I do), today I was struck by an image that suddenly appeared in my path.

I got off the bus in that place known as La Verbena, located in the municipality of Playa, a place where many important routes cross.  I was walking towards 8th street on Miramar.  I went down Lazaro Cardenas Avenue as a shortcut when suddenly I saw the skeleton of a tree emerging from the sidewalk across the street.  I quickly pulled out my camera and set out to photograph the site for my collection of “massacred trees.”  I was so pleasantly surprised by the image my eyes were capturing.  All I could do was take these photos which I share with you today.  This confirmed that despite the cruel reality of my planet, there are still sensible people who do anything they can to decorate their surroundings.

This gracious image, which sprung up in front of me, lifted my spirits and gave me an optimistic push to get to where I was going.

Translated by Raul G.