Patch-work by Rebeca

More than half a century ago, this restaurant became famous because, among other things, of the affluence as well as the show business of that era.  It was the perfect place to relax and chat.  All in all, the place was popular due to its great cooking and cocktail bar.  As if this was not enough, its beautiful view of the Port converted the place into one of the most visited night-time locations of our capital, famous throughout all of America.

One of the most devoted clients of the place was Maria Valero, a beautiful Madrid native who enjoyed an incredible amount of popularity for being the youngest lady to take part in the most popular soap opera of the time: The Right to be Born.  She established herself in Cuban radio, finding her apotheosis in the character of Isabel Cristina, a role that Feliz B. Caignet wrote for her, which eventually converted her into a true Caribbean radio star.

Her death, from an accident on the morning of November 28, 1948 while she was crossing Puerto Avenue to admire the splendor of a comet in the sky, led to a true public mourning.

After many years of being closed, after the triumph of the Revolution, and having previously been a miserable inn, El Templete is now resurgent like a Phoenix.  But this time, not even the glamor of the celebrity world of this planet has access to it, unless a foreigner invites them, for besides showing its menu with prices as high as the very stars, their exquisite dishes are sold in CUC.  Almost none of us have access to such currency.

Note:  A huge “thank you” to my friend who gave me this menu, for she knows I collect them.

Translated by Raul G.