Today, I am sharing with you the following piece of work which my friend, Fernando, sent me and which gave the title to this post:

There exists a magnificent German documentary called “The Art of Making Ruins” which shows some ruins in Havana and the people who inhabit them.  Seeing it is unpleasant.  However, if we desire, its run time could extend beyond infinity, taking into account all the amounts and varieties of ruins that exist which grow in geometric progression.  If something has been successful during these 50 years and plus, it has been the act of destroying all that had been done before and converting it into ruins.

For our towns and cities as well (the case of Havana has been shocking), today the sugar, livestock, railroad, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, road, hospital, school, sewer and aqueduct industries are also ruins.  This national planet, converted thanks to the work and grace of the incapacity and carelessness of one grand ruin, tries to sell itself as such to the producers of musical video clips.  The ruins have been converted to a commercial product, of course in a currency that is freely convertible.  Some good ruins, along with some girls barely wearing any clothes, a few bottles of rum, and lots of music is what really sells.  Lacking any others, this seems to be the grand new product up for export.

Translated by Raul G.