In my planet the word “ocambo” is synonymous with being “very old”.

Without a doubt, I, just like many others, like dinosaurs.  By this I am referring to those giant animals that roamed the earth thousands of years ago and whose fossils continue to be discovered up to this day.

When I was a little girl, reproductions of these dinosaurs in the form of beautiful toys did not exist like they do today.  I only came to know them through books and comic-books.  Yet a rare species of this animal still survives in my planet, surely descendents of those who existed long ago.  They are the “ocambosaurus politicis cubinicis” and they lack the ability to arouse the scientific and cultural interest that their ancient ancestors have.

When they reappear at any given place, and our planet Cuba seems to have all the right natural ingredients to sustain them, they represent a turn towards the past, a real regression, the recycling of something completely obsolete and unnecessary.  In the course of many years they have proven their incapacity, for they are impeded by their very own nature from adapting to the changes that are made necessary by the new times in order to generate solutions for the current problems and to obtain necessary progress and well-being in the long run.

Taking this into consideration, the only option which we have left in order to recycle them would be to launch a good tourist marketing campaign that would appeal to those visitors who dream of seeing one of these giant living, or semi-living, animals.  But I don’t think they are really worth it.

Translated by Raul G.