On my planet one faces many obstacles and needs many documents to carry out just about any type of transaction, especially if it is anything that might make life a little easier

For example, I have been immersed in paperwork for more than one year for my Mariel with castanets.  During this long period of time, I have had to visit innumerable civil registries and all types of offices.  Also, along the way I have been sharing my acquired knowledge with all who are beginning the process.  Therefore I have decided to make a type of manual for domestic consumption, of course. For others it is purely an illustration.

1.  First, you must get up at the crack of dawn–the earlier the better.  Due to the danger such an early hour and the locations pose, it is recommended to go accompanied.

2. You should dress appropriately (if it is within your means), that is, wear a pair or slippers or cool flat shoes, so when the midday sun heats the pavement your feet won’t burn.

3. Wear comfortable clothing, the older the better, because you are going to take a beating, what with the crowded bus, the heat, and when people carrying dangerous packages rub up against you.

4.  In the case of women, you should carry large bags; men should carry backpacks or brief cases, where you can stuff: portfolio with your papers and document stamps, bottled water, a handkerchief, toilet paper, a teaspoon, a small glass, an umbrella, a small flask with alcohol or cologne, a newspaper to use as a seat on the curb, and other miscellaneous things that could be useful to you. Definitely, place a few convertible pesos in your pocket in case you need to open doors.

5.  Once you are at the venue, you must find out who is last in line, and also the penultimate person, and the antepenultimate, just in case. Notice their clothing carefully so you can identify them later.

6.  A stranger who lacks the aforementioned objects might immediately draw near to you, and in a soft voice, might say, “Listen auntie, you want a place at the head of the line?” Be careful, this could be a set up where you could lose it all.

7.  Anyhow, even if you saw daybreak at the venue, a brawl will break out.  If you have a safety helmet, use it because those who butt in will try to create chaos because in murky waters...but you stay put, like a soldier, because as far as that is concerned, we are all experts.

Translated by HEFA