A “Yhost” travels the world.  [In reference to Yoani Sanchez’s blog, Generation Y.  Instead of “Ghost”, the author writes “Yhost.”]

Paraphrasing that famous and decadent phrase, this time the ghost belongs to Generation Y.

In my planet, Yoani was once only known to her neighbors, her family members, friends, and of course to the leaders of our planet.  This stood in sharp contrast to the rest of the galaxy, where she is well-known and respected.

But everyday there are more people who go beyond the limits and find a way to access the internet somehow, whether it be illegally, lent to them for a while, or going to a hotel after making a huge sacrifice to somehow get their hands on a card, or a plethora of other ways.  The powers that be of this planet have unchained a huge guerilla media war in order to try to distort the image of the author of Generation Y.

This battle has focused primarily in school and work places, where lots of time is dedicated to explaining and defending us against “the media war against Cuba, unleashed by the US and the EU.” They have to explain this to us because everything that is given here has already been chewed up, even the movies on TV, because they consider us to be mentally retarded or think that our brains have been stunted from poor nutrition thanks to so many years of consuming the same pea stew over and over again.

What is true is that Yoani has generously used the money she has earned through her well-deserved prizes to acquire materials and technical support to offer magnificent (and free) courses to prepare and educate the alternative Cuban blogosphere.  She has, and will always have, the merit of creating the first ever Blogger Academy in my planet.

Translated by Raul G.