Yesterday afternoon while I was with some friends, I listened to a story told by someone there, an architect by profession.  She told us that last Friday, the 23rd of April, about 20 men with hammers and tools showed up at the offices where she works early in the morning as though they were technicians working for ETESCA.

Before the curious gaze of all of the people who worked there, these guys started a comprehensive display of technology.  One of the segurosos commented to another in front of my friend — “we have a good view of the entrance to the theater from here.”

One of the architects said “They’re going to break someone’s legs!” And someone else mentioned Los Aldeanos.

On the same day, the head of personnel went by all of the departments to let the employees know that no one was allowed to stay after work. My friend said “They just about kicked us out.”

When she left work that day, she saw that the entire building on the corner of 26th and Kohly Avenue, where she works, was completely surrounded by security.

As she passed through Acapulco park (in front of the theater with the same name), she saw groups of young people with expressions of hope on their faces looking at the entrance to the theater; they were being observed simultaneously by a similar group of people, cell phones in hand, whose reasons for being there were made obvious by how they were dressed.

Now, I have to ask myself:  If this display motivated a group of kids who were born here and who are very well loved and who acted without any kind of prescripted propaganda media, What would happen if The Madonna were to come and sing on our planet?”

Translated by: Hank