On my planet, for more than half a century already, the Stock Market has ceased to exist. Of course what stock market, don’t even think about it! If everything were going to belong to everyone, who needs money or accountants, there will be no more rich nor poor and everyone will be equal, equally poor.

But, it’s not that stock [“bolsa” in Spanish] I want to tell you about, it’s the other one, the little plastic bag [also “bolsa” in Spanish] sold in freely convertible money (let’s hear it for euphemisms!) in the stores popularly known as CUBALSE. In these bags, when they have them, they put everything you can buy in CUCs, if you get lucky and it happens that you have the money and they have the products at the same time: a package of spaghetti, a packet of hotdogs, and a few bouillon cubes.

The bag I’m referring to, it’s that of the ethical and moral values, those that are nearing extinction like the dinosaurs. Those which made human beings more respectable, irrespective of their social class.

It is well known, and has become the custom, that at any hour of the day or night, even in the wee hours of the morning, shouts, laughter and loud conversations (which sometimes sound like fights), music, all break out in the neighborhoods and wake you up. No one seems to care that other people need to get a good night’s sleep to get up early and go to their jobs or schools, much less do they worry that you might have a sick person in the house. Everyone seems to be living the last minute of their life, and for this reason most people carry a small plastic bag [called a “cubalse” after the stores] in their purse or pocket, because on leaving their homes it’s there where they toss their values, which later end up in the trash.