There’s news that if you don’t hear it from the lips of the person who said it, you might think it was due to an error in editing or interpretation.  Today, listening to the shortwave, I was shocked with the statements of the president of Bolivia at the earth summit.  The President said, very seriously, that eating chicken turned men gay, due to the amount of female hormones that these birds have.

If this were a joke, it would be in very bad taste and would be highly discriminatory, for sure.  To say these things in the 21st century is too much, with everything that has been achieved to avoid discrimination of all kinds, including of course sexual preference.  It is embarrassing, even more so for those who were elected to uphold the rights of all citizens.

Imagine that on our planet Cuba, where what has been eaten most for a while is precisely chicken.  Although we are an island, here the fish that should be sold by the ration book is substituted with little birds and, as far as I know, it has become the most consumed meat (about the only one) at all levels, except in tourist restaurants and hotels.  Does this mean that we will all fly away?  And what if that were the case?  I’m sure that if ingesting one guaranteed you could fly, many upon many compatriots would gladly get some to get out, in industrial-size quantities and give tremendous chicken feasts, so as to ensure flight.

Translated by: PB