Yesterday, Thursday, we got up very early.  In reality, we almost didn’t sleep at all thinking that the alarm clock wasn’t going to go off.  We had a hurried breakfast and ran to the place where we had the appointment, the office of MINREX, where all documents are approved for any purpose. When we got there, the line was already huge, it ran around the block on 21st street and about half of the other.   All this before seven in the morning, this tumult of people began to move from one side to the other like the ocean. A gentleman came, who had slept for three nights in the doorway of the corner shop, he is the one who verifies places in line based on the order of arrival. As on any given day they give out two hundred places in line, and as there were more than three hundred people gathered there, logically with didn’t make it, but we put our names on the list for the following day. Someone shouted that you have to come back at six in the evening, ID card in hand, to verify your place in line. The patrol car of the Chief of Police for the Sector guarded us to avoid disturbances.

At six in the afternoon, on the dot, there were already more than a hundred and fifty people in the corner shop, between those interested and those paid to stand in line. It took a lot of work and effort to agree: how we would arrange ourselves, and who would determine the relationship, whether with ID card or without it. Even after fifty years we’re not used to standing in line, it’s a little difficult for us. After following the man with the lost back and forth like stunned sheep, final the Sector Chief came again and made order out of chaos. The name was called, and the interested had to fill in their names, and so the list was reorganized, and as the transport was so good, of course, people who had been noted down were missing and logically fell to the bottom of the list. Remember, tomorrow at six in the morning be here to make the last pass before the offices open. We hear you.

Today, again exhausted by the bad nights, we arrived running, having eaten nothing. Imagine our surprise on seeing that there is a crowd of more than three hundred people with a somewhat feisty attitude shouting that the list means nothing, they had slept there and were going to enter, no matter what! It was a real human hive, some shouting hysterically, just like they yell at the infamous repudiation rallies. I thought that everything had been in vain. Another cop came, small and skinny, who couldn’t do a thing, the situation seemed out of his hands. Until finally, the hero of the film came again and he managed to reassemble the line of the last two days. In it there were two young foreigners, possibly students, who with their unmistakable foreign accent were asking who was first in line, this identified them immediately, a bit of a warning, and they with all the innocence of the world said that they had been given the number ZERO for their place in line. Zero on the left! Said one of them.  What?! You’ve been scammed! Finally, opening a path through the angry masses, we managed to enter. At that moment it started to rain and outside a brawl was brewing.