In Cuba, Holy Week, despite fifty years of disagreements, persecutions, and a shortage of priests within the Catholic church, has been able to maintain itself thanks to the faith which our elders still harbor.  These elders, against all the obstacles before them, have little by little been returning to the temples, taking their children and their grandchildren with them.

I am emotionally overwhelmed to see how much the churches get packed with people, especially during Palm Sunday, when even the most conservative people don’t miss out on receiving their blessed palm leaves.  Later, they keep it in their homes with a mixture of love and mysticism until the following year.

To all the Catholics, and even to those who are not, who read my blog, I ask that you please come together with us in prayer and supplication for all our fellow countrymen who are sick and unjustly imprisoned, as well as for the whole country, so that understanding among Cubans may once again allow peace and unity, which we so desperately need, to reign throughout the country.

Translated by Raul G.