“The individual himself is the guardian and governor of his own interests, his physical and moral health; society should not interfere in human behavior that does no harm to other members of society. The consequences of society’s intervention in the life of the individual are disastrous; and even more disastrous when such intervention is directed at uniformity, destroying individuality, which is one of the elements of its present and future well-being. Man must choose the habits best suited to his character, his tastes, his opinions, and not mold himself completely to custom, carried along by the multitude.”

Later it continues:

“The press is rightly regarded as the material representation of progress.  Freedom of the press is a means of obtaining civil and political liberties, because instructing the masses lifts the thick veil of ignorance, and makes known to people their rights which they can demand.”

Excerpts from a lecture read by Ignacio Agramante Anthe Saturday session held on February 22, 1862 (University of Havana Archive, Sabatinales Academy, 42, File 8).

Draw your own conclusions.