No, this time it is not the singer who defined an era in the forties and fifties, enchanting all of Paris, New York and other great cities with her performances, of whom I was and am a loyal fan.

Nor is it that in Cuba there is snow, but what has happened is that, internationally, the protest against the cruel death of Zapata has turned into a giant snowball, getting ever larger, gathering unusual force, and growing more and more every day.

To sully the name of an absent person, without the slightest respect or consideration, is a filthy thing that stains not the object of such aggression, but rather the person who attempts the attack. “He who does not have the courage to sacrifice himself,” said the Apostle, “should at least have the decency to remain quiet before those whom they slaughter.”

It is time now for the enraged people, to end once and for all, these spontaneous acts of repudiation and take a civic posture in these situations, and leave in peace these ladies who quietly, dressed in white, and armed only with a gladiola, walk in silence through the streets of our cities, asking for the release of their loved ones who are imprisoned for disagreeing with the regime.