What follows that I am going to tell you is not a figment of someone’s imagination, nor a tale from Pepito, simply it is what happened to my cousin last week when she tried to get bus tickets for a trip to the interior of the country. I transcribe it her exactly as she told it to me.

It turns out that on Monday of last week I went to La Coubre ticket office here in Old Havana to get TWO tickets from my usual trip to the town in the interior where my family lives. There they have a system where you come in the morning, wait in your respective line, ask for the tickets, you leave a card and you come back in the afternoon, collect the tickets, pay and off you go…

I went through those steps but I left my card from CUJAE (City University “José Antonio Echeverría”) because I didn’t want to leave my identity card. The card from CUJAE is a magnetic card with all the data: the name of the institution, and under a bar code my name and my identity card number.

Imagine my surprise when I received the tickets in the afternoon they both had been made out in the name of José Antonio Echeverría.