Once, I told a friend of mine that passion inflames the heart but fanaticism clouds reason.

I am a passionate woman, I think I always have been, but when it comes to fighting and insults in order to have my ideals prevail, you can count me out.  I think those are very primitive attitudes.  Since I was young, I have liked baseball.  I was a fan of club Habana, the New York Yankees, and of amateur baseball, which is certainly very good and played here in my country.  I was also unconditionally supportive of club Fortuna of course, after all it was the team my boyfriend played for.  Now, I am a fan of the Industriales.

Last Sunday in the city of Santi Spiritus, a game was suspended because a real big fight spilled out between the local players and the players of the Industriales, which soon infected the fans as well, causing the game to be canceled and the sanctioning of certain players. Granma newspaper then made an announcement calling for sense and sportsmanship, but they did not dare to point at the real reason for this:  For many years, Cubans have been trained to be intolerant and led to use violence against whomever thinks or feels differently.  Now, the end result is reflected everywhere.

Translated by Raul G.