There is a lot of talk on the street about how bad things are. There’s a shortage of products, transportation is failing, agricultural goods are scarce and the few things that are available are very expensive, etc., etc., etc. Some jokingly say that if you want to get enough food, put a basket in front of the TV during the news hour.

I am an older person and, therefore, with considerable experience. I’m tired of explaining to my friends who innocently fall into the webs of these fallacies that they simply do not have to any of the foregoing. That no one can criticize or compel them, as all this is entirely voluntary in nature.

I believe that it is better, instead of sweeping a stretch of street, not to dirty it in the first place, and leave the cleaning to the employees of Aurora (the organization charged with these tasks), who are paid to do it. To boycott repudiation rallies is an act of morality and civility. Nobody can make you scream nonsense or throw stones at a person you don’t even know, just because they think differently than you. That says more about the person who does it, than the person it is directed at. As for voting, almost no one has bothered to read through the electoral law that expresses tacitly it is a right, not a duty, therefore you can, without fear of committing a crime, not exercise your right to vote. I would be the first, if it became a duty, to go to the polls.

The only reason I want to explain these ideas is so that, when people have a clear definition of these concepts, they are perfectly free to act as their conscience demands, and leave a little less blah, blah, blah, in places where words fall into the void.