This phrase is usually used when “everybody knows” something, or is supposed to know, or when nobody shows up for an appointment that was previously agreed to.

Well, here we all know or assume that everything has been said, but that is not the case, because when you hear complaints on the street it seems like the rerun of a film you have seen repeatedly many times during a half-century. For example, when it is said “now we are going to build socialism,” everyone asks “what have we been doing before now?” This is but one example.

Once again we have to deal with exhausted slogans, but this time the buzzwords are: rescue, recover, revive. They make me wonder, who let these things get lost? We’ve had fifty years with the same government. Who are we going to blame now? How is the embargo at fault for the uncultivated land; housing on the point of collapse, or already in ruins; countless trees missing from the avenues; neglected public gardens and parks; hospitals with broken windows, where panes of glass have been replaced by pieces of cardboard to seal them; sidewalks full of potholes; sewage spills everywhere; in short, the list is endless.

It is true that the citizenry in general is careless, and they throw garbage anywhere on the public highway, but I wonder where is the “New Man” we spent so much effort and dedication to create?

Now it is time, not to blame others, but to assume that these results are the products of our own actions.  It is worth asking, where did we go wrong? And to try by all available means to fix this situation ourselves, and not to wait for supernatural solutions. As I said, even the cat knows . . .

Translated by: Tomás A.