It was during the first days of June in 1998 when they knocked on my door and I opened it to find an elegant and affable stranger bringing me a message from my cousin J., who lives in Miami.  The gentleman turned out to be very well-known and loved in the cultural world of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where he has a Casa Teatro that hosts and promoted artistic talents, launching them into the world of art and literature with the advantage of having passed through his prestigious institution.

During our lively chat, in addition to important family matters (he is a good friend of my cousin), we talked about things relating to the culture of our country. I showed him the work I have been doing in the technique of patchwork: an appropriate of the great art works of the so called Cuban vanguard (in the forties and fifties).  Then, on seeing them, he immediately proposed that I do an exhibition in his Casa Teatro.

So it was that I arrived in Santo Domingo in the first days of August of this year with thirty pieces to exhibit, the main ones being, among others, Cristo by Fidelio Ponce, and Marti by Eduardo Abela.  Through The Eye of A Needle was the name I gave this, my first large exhibition outside Cuba, the same as my blog, with a small variation, for bringing me many good memories, along with the indescribable emotion of I felt as I reconnected with very dear family and friends, from whom I’d been separated for almost 38 years.

I went to Santo Domingo with a mix of happiness and nostalgia, and very grateful to those who brought me so much help and love.  And, with the satisfaction of know that in barely a week I had sold almost all of the exhibit pieces.  Also, the music and people captivated me.

As I said in an interview to a journalist from Listín Diario: I returned to my country completely enamored with the Bachata and with the Dominican Republic.

Translator’s Note:
Bachata is a form of music from the Dominican Republic