My grandmother used to say this proverb often. I happen to think that misfortunes, even if they occur alone, are never welcome.

This time, two tragedies, close in time and space, have come hand-in-hand:

The first, caused by nature, devastated the capital of Haiti, the poorest country in this hemisphere. It goes without saying how deeply moved we feel in the face of such a colossal tragedy, and the little we can do, as individuals from this island, to alleviate such pain.

The other, caused by the neglect, insensitivity and dishonesty of human beings, has caused the death of nearly forty patients in the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana, better known as Mazorra.

The first was unpredictable, almost inevitable; the second is simply unforgivable.

The scandal was exposed because the foreign media rushed to the scene; who knows who tipped them off. If they hadn’t, we probably never would have heard about it.

I think that other deaths must have occurred in different hospitals and nursing homes, as everyone knows that there are serious shortcomings with respect to nutrition and hygiene in these centers, and that unscrupulous hands are trading on the black market at the expense of the health of patients, because of the lack of rigorous control and of supervision by the appropriate authorities.

Translated by: Tomás A. & RSP