Composition with patchwork made by Rebeca Monzo

There is much talk lately of global warming, the ecology, the ecosystem, etc. etc. etc.  But you only have to leave the house and walk around the neighborhood to see the overflowing garbage cans, not collected for days, the holes in the street, now so familiar and full of sewage, the flowerbeds with tall grass full of empty cans, plastic bags, bottles, all sorts of waste.  And I live in Nuevo Vedado.  Gentleman, what is it like then in Cerro, Marianao, Central Havana and so many other les favored residential neighborhoods; just listen to the comments of the man on the street.

People walk around like crazy here and there looking for bread, but the majority of the bakeries, since the first of the year, barely bake.  The farmers markets are equally bare, with maybe a stunted tomato and a few very expensive chili peppers and an endless line to buy cabbage.  So we Cubans have started the year 2010.  If the parting was sad and dull, the beginning could not have been less promising.

Gentlemen for God’s sake, despite the cold that is filling these days, the warming is caught when you go out in the street and meet the harsh reality, it is much worse even than what everyone is talking about.